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Rabbit Hole

I fell down a rabbit hole the other day

I couldn't see light through the dark

I had no armor to shield from attack

As the enemy was about to enter the fray.

This was no fall into Wonderland

Nor middle earth or another time

It was present and I wasn't prepared for it

I was living my future, no time to understand.

I put up a front to match my foe

It came at me with too many jabs

I raised my fist in weak and mock anger

Too exhausted I took the reigning blows

So I clawed at the blackness that circled my mind

I concentrated on one chink of light

Ahead was a road I'd just have take now

With knowledge that the road was no longer to me kind.

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and we get up and we move on down the road. But not alone!

Great writing


Has a really inevitable and acceptance feel about it Rose . It tells, as a fellow PD sufferer, how we all have that daily struggle which can be hard to explain. Nice one

Replying to

Thanks Keith. Yeh I always think I'm on top of it until another situation arises. Shakes your faith(med not church) a bit .

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