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Quest for a Trifle

The brave Knight Parkinson began his quest

On a charger Visa at Queen’s behest

Rode in search of fabled sunshine in a bowl

Built on foundations, Swiss could not roll

Citric delight bears mark of Amaretti

Treasure or trifle decreed by Dame of Berrys

Lemons squeezed for the jelly of St Clements

Mandarins coolly provide sauce so intense

Pudding his faith he went to the markets

Deserted shelves not super, anarchic

He Asda price, even searches in the coop

Coronation chicken laid on for group

At a street party in jubilation

It is a right royal celebration

In honour of the platinum Queen

Monarchy leader. Commonwealth still keen

Parkinson trembles, he searches the nation

Explores Amazon, no inspiration

No prime service travelling this river

Not even Hermes, Greek God can deliver

Rumour led to walls of Fort Num and Mason

Parkinson’s Knight fearsome with his armour on

His tremor caused an ungodly rattle

Convinced his foes to surrender the battle

Failing to find a treasure left on the shelf

Given a recipe to make it himself

To protect his armour, he wore an apron

Hopefully dessert half baked twice for patron

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