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Plastic can be fantastic

Updated: Mar 18

When I was young,I'd have lots of fun

Bulding houses with colourful bricks

There were windows and door

Even roof tiles and floors

And we all had a boxful of bits

With imagination and flare,maybe some care

Your skills you wanted to show

You could build an estate

If you joined with a mate

And the name of the game was Lego

Now we are older Lego's got somewhat bolder

And made toys that appeal to us men

Whether you're 40, 50, 60 or more

There's new builds in store

That I could not imagine when 10!

Take your time and don't panic, you can build the Titanic

Or start small with a bonsai or two

Put an excavator through it's. paces

Build a sports car that races

Spoilt for choice there'll be something for you

With a skip and a hop, get down to the shop

You'll find one that's right up your street

Reminds you when young, you'll have lots of fun

It's a pastime you just will not beat

So on those days when it's cold and your feeling old

Or it's raining and you can'y write a rhyme

You'll probably feel shattered

But try building Old Trafford

Surely that's not a waste of your time

And if you get stuck , your not out of luck

There's a team that's all in the know

On the end of the line, they are there all the time

Customer service, your friends at Lego

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1 comentario

Not sure how my dexterity would cope with lego these days.,

Fun poem though

Me gusta
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