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Pipe of Peace

I opened the drawer a feat of persistence

The wood swollen endorsed its tight fit

Released with a shriek of intense resistance

It surrendered the battle for the status quo

Contents passed over by my lazy eye

Dismissing the lacklustre and insignificant

Until my peripheral vision alighted on the unlit

The brown round bowl of crafted pipe dreams

My search grabbed the goal of new context

Locating the classic curve of the stem

It’s sleek form extended from filter to lip

Joined by mortice and tenon to the bowl’s shank

Assembled family heirloom piped up

With grand recollections of a storyteller

Who put adventure in his pipe and smoked it

Igniting his grandsons bedtime imagination

The tobacco aroma, atmosphere of anecdote

I inhaled his humour and piped up with laughter

No smoke without fire but a twist in the pipeline

Revealed as the smoke parts is no leadpipe cinch

The legend of Grandpa an epic blend of exploits

Filtered through my mind as I held the pipe

Mystical mysteries of a bard now at rest

My legacy now or maybe his pipe of peace

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