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patience and fragility

As I stand here with

patience and fragility

Is it getting worse?

Is worse where it will end?

Or Is there no end to worsening ?

I am so fragile

As I stand in front

Of all I am facing

The future

I hold on to

The past

I keep sacred

The present moment

I struggle to take

I am so fearful

As I stand here losing

My believes I rely on

My hope

I hold up high

My courage

I keep on showing

My loved ones

I value and admire

Am I getting there already?

Is it already getting me?

Or are we there all the time?

I am so lost

As I stand here wired up

In endless thinking

My ideas

I cannot follow

My dreams

Not really sure

My ambitions

Keeps me running

I am so tired

As I stand here keeping up

the speed of my performance

My qualities

need demonstration

My skills

With growth potential

My knowledge

limitlessly extendable

Am I just touching the ground of my own expectations?

Are my expectation giving me a lesson?

Do I expect too much too soon?

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