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Party Piece

The family are gathered and we’ve asked the folks next door

so tonight we’re going to party like it’s 1964

Roll up the faded carpet, tune in your mum’s piano

and throw some groovy platters on the old Dansette

We’ll do the latest dance moves, the twist and mashed potato

and we’ll cha cha charge our way around the maisonette

Let’s pierce a party seven, pour Nan a port and lemon,

a Babycham for Ethel and your Dad will have a stout

There’s bottles of Corona, and Tizer for the kiddies

and bags of crisps to keep them quiet until the food comes out

We’ll get the party started with some dancing right away

Put your right arm in and knees up Mother Brown

Hands, knees and boompsadaisy, anytime you’re Lambeth way

as we conga round the phone box and halfway into town

Here comes the kitchen cohort now with Tupperware and tin foil

There’s meat and piccalilli, sausage rolls and things on sticks

There’s jellied eels and winkles, and fairy cakes with sprinkles

The trifle is delightful but the scones are hard as bricks

Now the best bit is beginning cause someone has started singing

the same old songs we’ve heard since we were small,

So don’t you dilly dally, not with Sally from our alley,

or underneath the arches, bless ‘em all

For wedding, birthday, funeral, the party was the same

For christening or royal jubilee

with family and friends we played the celebration game

But nowadays it’s only you and me

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