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Parky Poetry

My clock’s been changed by Parkinson’s -

of quivers, shakes I was aware,

less so, new contracts signed in bed

as kicking strikes out in my legs.

Insomnia (plus football kit)

brings overtime for laptop dance,

as I smith words, play poetry,

fill overtime as versify.

Keen adolescence woke once more -

a pensioner who writes - the key

that board replacing scrawling ink

of unintended curlicues.

So screen time my horology,

collective poets, company,

the new hangout, Zoom Open Mic,

together slur and shuffle through

our poor creative all-style works,

amazed no longer lost for words.

We read, write on a level plain,

all ages struggling through the pain

barrier to craft Parky lines,

and learn the value of a like,

as fellow pilgrims’ hearts affirm.

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Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll
May 02, 2023

Agreed that OMN is something I look forward to participating in monthly. I can take the digs. I enjoy sharing PD woes and admire the work of many, but, also I'm here to learn more about writing poetry. So don't hold back.


Debbie Dalton
Debbie Dalton
Apr 28, 2023

really enjoyed reading this


Unknown member
Apr 26, 2023

Stephen, this is great. So glad you get so much from our gatherings of fellow pilgrims

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