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Paradise by Gaslight

Attentive affection blesses her existence Romance blooms as he becomes her everything All of the detail worships loves perfection His Princess, his dream his fantasy

Her heart races, his touch emboldens her desire She opens herself to his fulfilment His gentle prompting courts her arousal Until released in harmony she gives herself

Only the best for his beloved Gifts came with expectation Only the best for his beloved Gifts demanded her gratitude

Informed of her own opinions Dressed doll her beauty his to behold Friends exit falling short of his regard A princess in an abandoned court

Subject to his assessment Shaken by his constant control Her existence his to command Her resistance his to crush

Illuminated she looks up Sees the gaslight for the first time Its glow is manifest Its glow is manifold

Eyes open she sees his weakness Eyes open she sees his control With epic resilience she sighs Snuffs out the gaslight in her mind

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