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Oxy Moronic

Beware Greeks when bearing gifts -

Trojan horse for free, outside -

hack in Fleet Street, Wapping site,

swapping notebooks for hard drive.

Miller who is grinding flowers -

slowly does it - that’s our style -

discombobulated read.

Omnibus, full Clapham set -

most uncommon people sect.

To the Lighthouse, maybe back.

Bible tales, derided, myth -

though its genre from the start -

etymology acquired.

Take that good Samaritan.

Is it truth? Figure it out.

If ever type, here it is.

Seeing crazy paving straight,

midnight feasts in noonday sun,

spreading suntan oil when dark.

Munching crisps, art gallery,

scream when ‘silence’ off the wall,

mixing tomes, library shelf.

Bowler, Top Hat, shake a leg,

trip the light, fantastic, right?

Rites of passage, us denied.

Caps are used to emphasise,

pique our interest, surprise.

Rates of interest have slipped.

Walking with a lifted sole,

freezing when it’s hot about,

Shoutout when there’s nowt to say.

Quiver arrow in the bow,

shake a fist at target missed,

insomnia gives sleep a rest.

Speaking out through mouth clamped shut,

standing straight, enfolded, chair,

slumber though legs kicking bout.

Feeling when the gloves enwrap,

weeping when no tears are left,

laughing, they’ll think I’m bereft.

Stuff the genie, bottle, back,

Esso blue, Aladdin pink,

taking patterns from the smoke,

plagiarise Dallison, blocked.

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