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Out of Compassion

Updated: Feb 12

This is how I feel, when people think, they know......

out of compassion

a feeling

an observation

from a distance

at close quarters

sitting comfortably

on shaky ground

rather disturbingly

a good advice

a suggestion

a serious recommendation

a rather simple observation

a scientifically proven thesis

a questioning

an evaluation

a helping hand

a devaluing in the end

a being able to imagine

or not

in the darkness

a light

daily and in every night

a motivation

a presumption

a hurtful accusation

a praised intimidation

a proud moment

applause that does not fail to recognise

how hard

how endlessly

how tireless


and yet

at the end of the day

and every damned night

crawling over the ashes

watering withered flowers

cold water showers

dare the mirror

buried dreams

forgotten talents

in pictures on shelves

reinventing oneself

winding your way through

through the smallest hole

no more vain

full of pain

no end to it

thoughts to admit

no walls broken

no strength left

go on fighter

fight upright

no one joking

only you alone coping

no one else

you hope and pray

that none of you

really ever understands

to walk in my shoes

translated with DeepL (

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1 Comment

Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Nov 08, 2023

An incisive, brutally honest and polished piece of Art! You have a gift for video production Ri.

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