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Ordinary girl

On an ordinary day, in an ordinary street,

ordinary girl was running - on her ordinary feet,

Until out of the blue her toes began to curl,

‘that’s kinda weird,’ thought ordinary girl.

Then later on she noticed - other things began to change

like her arm no longer swinging in its ordinary range.

Ordinary girl - began to wonder what was wrong -

why did her brain and body - no longer get along?

Fear made it worse and then anxiety took hold

and soon ordinary girl’s - world began to fold.

Time to see the doctor, to find out if she’s ill -

maybe he can fix it with an ordinary pill?

He asked her lots of questions, to walk up the room and down,

to wiggle all her fingers and then he began to frown,

Exceptionally unusual for a woman of your age,

I’m afraid that you have Parkinson’s, in its early stage.

Brain cells are dying in your ordinary head,

they’re no longer making dopamine, this is what he said,

Levodopa is the answer- that is what you need,

you can take it in a tablet - it will bring you up to speed.

Understandably perturbed, our girl was left in shock -

for an entirely different future the doctor had unlocked.

Extraordinary is how - she now describes herself

and she's parked ordinary girl upon, an ordinary shelf.

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