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Open and honest about own experience

The PD brain effect

Wakes up in the morning and thinking

What day is today , being confused

check on the phone to sink your thinking

Then realising it’s just morning , not confused!!!

In the kitchen busy making breakfast

Did I put salt or not , cannot remember.

Is it going to be a salty breakfast ?

Common you, taste it and check , remember !!!

Tiding up the kitchen , sugar jar goes into fridge

Milk bottle goes into the cupboard

Oh silly mummy what are you doing

Laughing by the little boy , who doesn’t know mummy’s pain

At work walking to the colleagues to ask something

But suddenly brain freezes and can’t recall

Common buddy spit it out, common

They are shouting and laughing

About turn and going back and regained thinking on the way .

Sitting and watching the tv and nodded off

Suddenly went into a jungle and got scared

Help shouted as loud as I can

Then opened my eyes and realised I am still alive !!!

Wants to have a cup of coffee

Boiled the water and got the milk

But unable to open the coffee bottle

Why? It’s lid is smooth and shiny

Common brain work , got a towel and opened it , hurray.

Went for shopping with a pleasant mind

Bought some stuffs after looking around

Went to the till to pay after a long queue

Struggling to take my card out , common!!

I can see the reactions of people behind

But wait buddies, I need time ( whispered me)

Does this going to put me down

No way , you don't get me dear

My positive Mind won't let me down

The positivity is a good healer!!!

PD you are my unexpected friend

You give me a new path in my journey

Let's go , but my God is guiding me

Thank you Lord , the healer !!!

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Stephen Kingsnorth
Stephen Kingsnorth
Apr 30, 2023

Many a bell rings there...

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