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ONLY CONNECT January Challenge

Updated: Jan 9

The poem's title is, of course, a quotation from novelist E M Forster.

In the late1950s, we were told that things

Had never been much better -

To ignore rationing of clothes and of food,

Eschewing 'Make-Do and Mend';

To concentrate on enjoyment and

Buying the brightest consumer goods -

Thus keeping up with our friends.

Along came smart new gadgets galore -

Like colourful, vibrant phones

With streamlined bodies, perspex dials

And soothing, warbling tones...

They used the latest technology

And were said to be 'built to last' -

We knew things could never be better.

Bring on the furure! Fast!

But years sped by, and once-bright phones

Looked shabby and out of date,

To be supplanted by hefty mobile models,

More useful - and 'easier to operate'.

Today, with apps and gismos,

Smartphones do great things. Yet they, too, become obsolete at

An ever faster rate.

True, they perform many useful tasks -

But can they still help us communicate?

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