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On being adored

Updated: Jan 2

Dark eyes intent upon me all the day,

Warm body pressed against me all the night.

With joy she leaps upon me when I wake

anointing me with kisses of delight.

My every move is shadowed in obsession

and should I chance to meet or talk with friends,

hot jealousy that boils with aggression

transforms her features till I make amends.

Returning home she runs around in joy.

I gently stroke her silky, curling hair

and feed her treats, or fetch a favourite toy.

She looks on me with love beyond compare

and promises to ever be my slave

to do my bidding if i will but stay.

I tell her firmly how she should behave

And scold each deviation from the day.

Ignoring me and everything I’ve said

she wags her tail and runs back to our bed.

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