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oma hilde

oma hilde die wilde

your doors were always open and free just like your heart that you carried widely you in your skin coloured underwear we could see never seemed to doubt you were pretty seemed so sure about yourself and yet unhappy most of the days missed the piece of heart that died long before the other half you adored listening to you was often scary, but also romantic and quite teary.

Stories of war, love and drama might have passed me on your trauma I loved the smell of your skin cream and how you kept the house so clean, I learned from you to use knife and fork properly good manners are important doubtlessly “your little treasure” you called me since my birth preparing the best cherry cake on earth you told me how you loved to walz and how honesty is every marriage’s salt I wish I had known you long before your life taught you lessons but I guess even then we would have both been full of questions.

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