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Noun: The act of nurglarising

There’s something up with Whatshisname

He’s not himself they say

His brain has just been burgled

His neurons have been nurgled

His Nigra less substantial every day

And you remember Thingummy?

I heard he’s had a call

from Parkinson, the burglar,

the nasty, neural nurgler

Now Thingy can’t remember bugger all

He’s like that woman Whatsherface

She’s always in a daze

Just burbling and gurgling

She’s had a dose of nurgling

The kind of nasty trick that Parkie plays

I’ve got such happy memories

Of people that I knew

But since I had my nurglary

Their names and facts are mercury

But how I feel about them is still true

Cognition can be compromised

If ever you are nurglarised

And sometimes it can come out of the blue

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