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Nowt’s Ever Easy

Nowt’s ever easy, the saying does go

Obviously invented by someone who knows

The obscure, undeserved stones thrown by others

Deliberate or not, causing grief onto others

As a cadet, his Regiment changed

Proudly passing out, with St George and his Hackle

Punishing illness caused things to be strange

Bravely fighting those things he must tackle

December funerals, can get delayed

Causing the grief to be longer displayed

No-one can tell why the wrong Crem was booked

Thankfully somebody had bothered to look

December is gone, with its joys and woes

And most of January before it all ends

A whole month will pass, since the young man has gone

Before he finally meets with our Kin

Anzuz Sowelo my young friend, Anzuz Sowelo

Anzuz - Knowledge. Sowelo - Happiness

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