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Now is the Hour by Colven Gibson

Rushing Onwards! At rocket speed

Rushing Onwards! Warp Factor 10 is what I need

Rushing Onwards! Foot to the floor

Surely I can get some more

Rushing Onwards! Why are they slowing

Has no-one told them who I am

Going slower, moving slow

Down the sliproad I must go

Ever downwards I must go

Where are all the others going

Yet again cars block my road

A lorry has gone and lost its load

Alarm! Alarm! Is flashing red

Alarm! Alarm! It blasts through my head

Forcing me to cross my bed

So I can sleep again, just a few more minute’s instead

Eyes now open, what’s the time

Oh my god! It’s after nine

Panic ensuing, there is no calm

Why did I not hear that stupid alarm

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Jan 16, 2023

Great pace and build up to this, thank you Colvin.


Unknown member
Jan 14, 2023

Exciting writing Colven. Bravo


Jon Best
Jon Best
Jan 14, 2023

Life can be alarming but this poem was very enjoyable

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