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Not What it Seems

I was born in the land of coal

With blood from every part of these Isles

Where Odin still has his hand

Disguised by Christian wiles

Balderdash! The Church may shout

But my statement has some clout

When I give some evidence

What I said, will make more sense

Let us start at the end that is sharp

The biggest Christian days

December it is Yule,

King Hakon he did change the rule

One day for each Apostle

Death for any that reach Thirteen

Easter, that is surely safe,

The Church needed to grab it

We will find a story later

To explain the eggs and rabbits

Easter, as the Goddess is named

Loved to hear our children laugh

So on the hares a spell she laid

Egg laying rabbits are here to stay

Munna’s day is followed by Tyr’s

Woden’s day has Thor’s close behind

Frigga, Saturnlia Sunna too

Make up your week, more proof for you

Every piece of military kit

Has the same mark somewhere on it

Tyr’s Rune you will still see

The Army is Runed up for Victory

Your Christmas tree, that you raise each year

Is Yggdrasil, Odin's Throne

The Baubles and tinsel represent

The other worlds where Odin goes

Way back in Byzantium, Viking Guards Constantine did have

Each a Hammer in sight was worn

Constantine he wished to learn

Just what the Hammer meant

When they explained the might of Thor

It sounded better than the Christian fish

Turning the Hammer around on its head

He found himself with a Cross instead

The miraculous fish were seen no more

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