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Non P.C.?

This one was originally written in the non-politically correct 1990s - at the time of PC mania. I planned to call it 'Steve's Apple' - but felt that Steve Jobs might object...

Eve arrived at the office very early

And left extremely late;

For there sat her, beyond compare,

On-line mate.

Yes! She'd got the hots for her computer,

Was in thrall body and soul.

She loved to sprawl upon the spreadsheets,

Grapple with the graphics,

Letting him take Ctrl.

This Eve was tempted by an Apple-Mac.

It was love at her very first 'byte'.

He was oh so user-friendly -

His peripherals, sheer delight!

When colleagues laughed and called her foolish -

To get herself a 'real man'-

She smiled and sighed,

And then replied,

'Mac's no serial seducer,

No wham-bam-thank-you-ma-am,

Just a clean-cut, slim-line Personal Computer -

With a mega-gigabyte, input/output, output/input

Total, Super RAM!

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