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Nodding Donkeys

We hear of shipping magnates -

what launched them, current stream?

All born with a silver spoon,

or wealth, magnetic, ‘mine’?

Some raised by harbour junkyards,

flotillas on the waves,

though crafty plans saw flimsy,

how sales could be improved.

Those junk sails on manoeuvres,

gave backbone, men of steel,

who fleet of foot in business,

could follow in their wake?

They had the neck to handle

the begging bowl for loans,

all paperwork completed,

signed, sealed, delivered, shaped.

The good ship Origami,

was first to slipway slide,

pawned oil for travel, waters,

essential in world’s trade.

Flag flown for its convenience,

it sailed the Panama,

the quickest route for business

to grow and multiply.

Economies, and war graves,

the breaking of blockades,

owe much to nodding donkeys

metamorphosed by that oil.

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