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new year’s time travel

Please stand back:

Your train is arriving now

Here we are, standing on the track,

The year and me.

What follows is tough, tedious

and yet somehow banal,

what must follow on the track.

The train pulls in, the brakes squeal,

that shrill, unbearable noise.

Iron on iron, sparks fly and yet no fire is lit.

Standstill for a brief moment.

The doors open with an automated sigh.

Oxygen flows into the air-conditioned room.

People rush out - to where you are standing.

As you climb two steps like Rocky Balboa.

You become aware of yourself.

You are on time.

You are there.

You've been there, you've done everything

and now you're leaving.

The farewell, the pain, the hope and the last kiss.

There could be drama,

the kind we see in films.

In which the right music underscores and emphasises the moment

and the angle of the camera

creates closeness or distance.

In which a single moment in your life

can be a key scene for the plot.

Two feet on a step,

symbolising a whole life!

But in this case?

No music sounds.

Nobody films the steps you take.

The place you find for yourself.

The suitcase that's so heavy,

you can't stow it in the luggage rack.

The pain in your neck,

that pulls at you like a leaden cloak.

You look for your seat number

on your ticket, on your phone.

Carefully saved and entered in your diary a long time ago:

The departure of this train 31.12. midnight -

Aimed, planned and now

faded into the past as an event.

Car 3 seat 23 in the aisle.

So you take a seat,

on this train,

in your seat facing the direction of travel -

Otherwise you'll feel sick.

After just a few metres

You fall asleep,

gather the courage and strength in your sleep

for the journey on this new train,

on which you are now

traveling into the unknown.

The director yawns.

What a lame storyline!

Even the best production doesn't help.

You are travelling,

nothing more and nothing less.

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Unknown member
Jan 01


Stephen Kingsnorth
Stephen Kingsnorth
Dec 31, 2023



Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Dec 31, 2023

What a great metaphor. Yes sometimes life feels like we are on an express train.

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