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New day

I watched in awe

As the sun broke free,

from its night time hiding place

Slow and low it was a beautiful sight

with the purest of golden bright sunlight

It washed away the darkness of night

The dawn chorus filled my ears

A fanfare of bird song, chirping and cheeping

Announcing the arrival of a brand new day

A moment of peace, a time for reflection

Take a look at mother nature’s creation

Treat it well, with love and affection

In twenty four hours the sun will rise new

People will have died, just as babies born to

We’re only here for a limited time

So take the opportunity and watch a sunrise

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Jul 08, 2023

Beautiful and you can't beat watching the sun rise.


Luisa Candela
Luisa Candela
Jul 02, 2023

I find this lyric very fine because of sense of peace that it brings

The description gives us almost a visual experience

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