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New Career

Considering a new career

Although advancing in years

Jobcentre said what can you do

Shake I said which is so true

Searched for shake on the database

Workcoach had a smile on face

It only has found one hit

Can you shake your ass a bit?

What duties do I perform?

Take your clothes off is the norm

Vacancy for a stripper

Could be lucky with tippers

Asked could I remove clothes slow

Yes I can give it ago

That is how it all began

The Parkinson's stripper man

So I began the first show

Audience numbers bit low

Never mind the music starts

Onto stage perform my arts

Start to fumble with my shirt

Try to multitask and flirt

Impatience starts to mount

Buttons I try to surmount

I start to flaunt and tease

Losing balance down on knees

Get up again then I froze

Will they notice strike a pose

Heavy breathing I will use

As I bend take off my shoes

Trousers off movements don't flow

Next time must get some Velcro

Suddenly I bust a move

Dyskinesia shows a groove

Someone shouts out can I twerk

Moves keep on that’s how drugs work

Put my head in ladies lap

Fell asleep took a nap

Woke with start, to continue

All is quiet as they view

Almost there the full Monty

What do I hear that can't be

All around I hear the snores

No PD audience applause

Picked up clothes ready to go

Made a fortune just one go

Value for money regret

They paid me by the minute

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