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Never Done

Being mum to a four- and ten-year-old can be very exhausting. Especially as a Parky mum. But on the other hand, I am so thankful for the two little souls I am allowed to watch growing. They are my reason to keep going, my motivation for every run, every yoga move, every therapy session and every hospital stay. They remind me of what really matters in life. I am so very thankful!

you sugarcoat my day with funny moves with natural groove you turn the world upside down you are in every break my clown give me joy and laughter I never expected after the drama of death but surviving it is you who kept me driving I look at you in awe most adorable being I ever saw ultimately constantly your mind keeps learning soul of unfulfilled yearning heart of gold mysterious maps to unfold ambitious goals to be met you got chaos in your head unsorted escorted wild and free look at me all your mistakes you carry with grace and i love you still always will until i am done never with you - my son!

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