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My Mindless Friend

music is our first love

„Where is my mind?

Way out in the water

See it swimming?“

(The Pixies)

this is our blues

nothing but the truth

we do swim out - out in the sea

to find out what else we can be

we want to find a reason to live

a safe place for the love we have to give

give our heart away

never stay

we jump in

swim and swim

but we see no end

no ground on which we can stand

water everywhere

life is not fair

but there is a familiar sound

music that comes from the ground

you might call it depressive

for us it is very expressive

the sadness life is carrying along

wrapped carefully in tunes so strong

music that calms our busybody

music that is not for everybody

sounds so soft and smooth

skin as bumpy as a goose

when I hear them singing

when both our arms start swinging

when we happyly dance out

to music wild and loud

when no one unterstands

why this love never ends

I still don‘t know where my mind is

but I got a feeling of friendship

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