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Murder at Sycamore Gap

Once a tiny sapling and now full-grown tree,

I’ve been resident by Hadrian’s wall since 1883.


Given shade to those who need it, on those long hot summer days,

Provided shelter in the winter, as many storms have raged.


Been a haven for those tree dwellers like birds and squirrels too,

For nests and dreys, to raise their young, and maintain natures status Q.


A meeting place for lovers, who confessed to one another,

A centrepiece for celebration and a symbol of sorrow.


The gallows of justice, for many a highway man,

Gasping their last breath as their souls were being dammed.


Survived wars, brutal winters, and global warming too,

My many rings a testament, to the life that I’ve lived through.


Standing tall and proud, like a sycamore should be,

Until that fateful Thursday in September ’23.


As darkness falls the blade cuts deep, as some human cuts me down,

I creak, a crack and a groan, as my branches hit the ground.


Then silence ………

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Grieving for a tree that’s seen so much, I can’t begin to imagine what was going on in someone’s mind to make them feel the need!


Its so hard to understand such an act. De


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