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Mother Earth

Mother Earth was crying. Her children make her weep. No gratitude, no respect. Now it's a mother's time to teach.

Guardian Angel 2020. Said be prepared But mankind was ignorant and this warning went unheard

But man would not be told. He would not change his ways. Somehow Mother Earth Needed to teach her children to behave.

Man was cruel and selfish and driven by his own needs. He was spoilt and destructive and overcome by hatred and greed.

His desire for travelling and lots of nice new things. Were only beaten by his lust for gold and diamonds to make jewellery and rings.

This required a lot of power, slavery and killing. He burnt natural resources Which when needing replacing he was unwilling.

The pollution and devastation that man caused Was only outdone By his many, many wars

Earth could not keep giving and not getting back. Soon her climates changed. But man didn't care about that.

So this world of wanton and plenty. Started to rebel In 2020.

Australia caught alight. Soon forest fires raged Fires they could not put out. Fires they struggled to engage.

Acres of land destroyed, wildlife too. Can you not see? This was man's fault This destruction was down to you.

Then man’s activity in the ocean. Created a circulatory type motion. Set off a series of events Although this wasn't meant.

A plague of locusts Appeared in a remote desert location On mass they swarmed Destruction was left by this strange infestation.

This again was man's own fault As the cause of this destructive path Was due to global warming Not Mother Earth's wrath.

Enough was enough. In her anger and her rage. Underneath Turkey There came a massive earthquake.

She then picked a champion. The smallest thing on Earth. Man would soon be feeling Mother Earth at her worst.

Coronavirus was spread by man when he was travelling. Death and misery to humankind, man himself he was peddling

Soon the world as man knew it. Came to a halt and had to stop. As powerful as we think we are Mother Earth proved we are not.

Everything then ceased. Everything had to be locked down. Every country, every village, every city every town.

Cars laying dormant, planes not flying in the sky. Industry suspended. Shops closed, nothing to buy.

For the first time in his history. Man was scared and man was lost. A lesson that had to be learnt. Was learnt at a heavy cost.

Hundreds of thousands died. Man stood and watched and cried. As the smallest life form on Earth. Took over, to enabled the planets long overdue rebirth.

The air once more could breathe. Forests and oceans were reprieved. Now although the streets were empty. Other life forms have chance to survive and once again become plenty.

Man's incarceration, didn't hurt him much. Mans invention of technology, proved important helping many to keep in touch

It not only benefited creation, but every country and every nation For the first time in forever. Man actually learned to pull together.

The lockdown showed his resilience and in this unplanned time his brilliance. Things started to change. As man's life got rearranged.

Families soon learned to play. They found fun ways to fill their day. Time the children never had. We're now spent with Mum and Dad.

Key workers kept them going and all of a sudden man started showing. He knew how to relate, and he even learned to appreciate.

Exercise and family time started to become the norm. Man was showing a different side. Had he at last been reborn?

They were helping each other. Through the pandemic crisis. This really showed man in a different light. It was heartwarming seeing them at their nicest.

Unfortunately it did not last. Man reverted to type, alas.

Racial intolerance and hate. Soon reared their ugly head. All the progress that had been made. Stopped when the violence spread.

Mother Earth could not take it. She shook her head in disbelief. How can a child with so much potential. Cause her so much grief.

What does she do now? What would you do? What would decide? If it is up to you!

Would you let man continue and keep up his destructive ways? Or would you put an end to these troublesome and evil days.

Remember this is not over. The pandemic is still here. Can we learn to live in peace. Can we learn to love everyone and share.

If this pollution and fighting do not stop. We will give mother nature no choice. She cannot make it clearer. As she has no real voice.

But continue to wreak havoc with her beautiful blue seas and in turn she will continue to plague you with destruction and disease.

Spoilt brats you will be sorry For you will continue to feel her wrath Things will get worse If we continue on this path.

Learn to respect learn to cherish. Before things get critical and we ourselves then have to perish.

Look after Mother Earth help her mend. Remember its on her we all depend

Lets learn to love each other and allow Mother Earth to renew Then we may live to see another day as our planet comes out and back to blue.

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