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Montrose Part 1 Ascension

From Scottish Highland, his life there spent Young Jamie, did travel across the Tweed To see his King, of all the Scots But Charles he did not care a jot. And sent the lad away

Unperturbed, our lad did not return Back to Scotland fair Across the sea, our lad did drink the foreign air In European wars he sold his sword Learnt how to make a stand

From veteran Scots he earned his spurs The war broke out, in his Kings own land On to Oxford, where Charles held court He hurried back, for he must be sought But Charles’s head still chose him nought

Despite the battles already fought The lad was just a child By now all Scotland was almost spent Much to the Campbell's glee The King needed a Scot to travel

Though a madman he must be Forward stepped our hero, resolute and strong And Captain General of Scotland His death, would not be long Montrose, Montrose

Heading North, he led his force The massive army, himself and his horse So no, not ready for battle Royal Standard hidden beneath his saddle Montrose, Montrose

Midges flying all around, Gretna far behind Through the forest, he did ride From the trees a warrior came Speaking Gaelic asked his name In same Tongue he gave his name The Army was doubled in size Montrose, Montrose

A fiery cross he gave his man Instructions to each and every Clan The Royal Standard would rise So the Campbell would fall The meet was at Blair Atholl Montrose, Montrose

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