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monkey mind

it's cheeky grimace

it's bloodcurling scream

the tears and sobbing

both hands pressed

with unknown intensity

on both eyes.

better not watch,

what feelings set free.

better not open,

for what you may see.

climbing and juggling

the things, it may find;

reaching and stretching

to the limits of cage,

hands try to cover

the chattering mouth:

no comment

no comment

on things on his mind -

say nothing unkind!

laughing applause

from guest behind fence

appreciated encouragement

with a message intense

be brilliant, be loud

be funny, choose happy;

accept nothing

but a perfected self;

undercover hands on ears

give silence to it's fears.

three little monkeys

out of control;

and me just trying ...

no tamer as yet,

but meditation,

they say,

is what it will get.

breath in, breath out!

fate and frustration ignored;

even the monkeys get bored.

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Dec 19, 2023

Rina I really connected with this poem. It describes perfectly how I feel somedays when my mind is racing out of control and I am trying to not let it show. I can feel the panic in the poem, just as it feels in my head when I know I'm on the edge of losing it. Well done and thank you.


Unknown member
Dec 18, 2023

A nice bit of monkey magic. We are attacked by all of our senses on this journey it seems.


Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Dec 18, 2023

Love it Rina, the Gentle Madness, a tad rougher in some I think.😁


Jarlath Busby
Jarlath Busby
Dec 15, 2023

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. When I was a kid an old aunt had an ashtray with the 3 monkeys on it. Kind of freaked me out then and I like your description of tenuous sanity

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