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Mini Miracles?

They happen almost every day -

Those amazing things that shouldn't be so.

They make no sense

No cause and effect

No up and down, or to and fro.

They act by stealth or strike full on

But 'make no sense' and soon are gone.

Yet they illuminate our darkest way

And give us hope

That fear and doubt aren't here to stay.

CG Jung termed them 'meaningful coincidences'.

Some physicists state they can't exist.

Call me a simpleton - a joke -

Makiing patterns out of smoke.

But such events do have meaning -

On which matter, I do insist!

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Keith Trayling
Keith Trayling
18 feb 2023

reads really well john and we're all up for a mini miracle

Mi piace

Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
16 feb 2023

Love a mini miracle

Mi piace

Membro sconosciuto
16 feb 2023

Call me a simpleton - a joke - .Making patterns out of smoke.

What a great line! And what a great miracoulus life. I can relate to this very much!

Mi piace

Dawson Stafford
Dawson Stafford
15 feb 2023

Hi John, Lovely words. Amen to that!

Mi piace
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