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Cine film of young girls in Marilyn Monroe poses

Smiling faces that look out from the flicker and crackle

Boxes of yellowed photos without order

Moments recorded in black and white

Dates and places scrawled in pencil

Kind features with creases across them

Roman nose, brown hair inherited by someone somewhere

Girls in beachwear with hands on hips enjoying day trips to Brighton

Old cars and men with braces

Fresh faced soldiers looking proud

Standing in perfectly spaced-out lines

Time served reflected by the medals on their lapels

Babies in Silver Cross prams with bonnets

Cobbled streets where mams scrub steps

And boys delight in conker fights

Girls with chalk for hopscotch and shoes that must not get scuffed

Beautiful people come and gone

Loved ones lost

Reminding us that when we go

We do not go

Our memory lives on.

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