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make seconds count

time is the first vague smile after a heartbreaking loss;

time is the junior taking over from his senior boss;

time is the wrinkled face in the mirror early morning;

time is packed cars and empty houses after storm warning;

time is the unbearable silence before a baby’s first cry;

time is grandma’s dress a daughter is wearing on her special day;

time is impatient knees and fingers trembling on a train;

time is pools of pills to kill the pain;

time is never ending applause for someone shy;

time is the pause between “if only” and “I”;

time is forever, when two feel like one

time is the fitted we, they become.

time is endlessly and never enough;

time is not slow nor fast, not gentle nor rough;

time is measured universally;

but is felt very individually;

time is neither given nor taken away;

time depends on, how long you stay.

so take your time and make every second count;

when you run out of it, those moments will make you proud;

whilst long hours and hesitation;

would become your final devastation.

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Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Jan 06

Well thought out, a different tack, plenty to bring thought to mind, thank you Rina.


All so true, don’t waste a second


Unknown member
Jan 04

Love the dramatic warning of the last two lines!

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