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Lucky Me

I sit in a room with walls white as ice

where everything is just so nice

there are flowers and candles and Buddha statues standing around

everything I arranged so beautifully, richly and yet so profound

I sit in a room with a stunning view

full of trees and plants with Latin names I never knew

they get watered and cut, and I can predict when each of them will bloom

and give my house’s garden it’s beautiful summer gloom

I manage to make this house our home

with food cooked that was organically grown

with cakes baked and milk shaked

with ice cream, sprinkles, whipped cream and children’s dream

We have tons of toys and books to read

we love our children - more so, we love to give them all they need

we give more than that actually

we give them all the love we have for free.

And then you stand there looking at me

and ask me if I am not very angry

if I don’t think this is unfair

to be that sick forever with no chance of repair.

And yes, you are making a point

it is a painfully, heavy and devastating choice

one that I did not even choose myself

and still have to carry around without losing my grace.

But let me change our perspective

and have a look at what also is realistic

what happens elsewhere on this planet earth

this earth we as humans live on and still not seem to appreciate it’s worth

A world where bombs are falling on children’s homes

a world where unborn babies get rejected because of their genomes

a world where children starve and others are obese

where the numbers of rich kids who suffer depression daily increase

A world where moms carry their babies over borders

and leave the dads behind to fulfill horrible orders

a world where children get victims of sexual abuse

and kids’ little hands produce products, that we all use

A planet that we kill on a daily basis

even though we know how thin the ice is

a world where so many bad things are happening

and I stand here in this white room with all its blessing

So I have to admit, I don’t always feel like this

but most of the time, I am so grateful for what my life is

I wish others could be as lucky as me

even if this means to be a Parky.

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