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     10. Lottery

Roll up, roll up, everyone’s a winner,

Let’s determine your fate, whether a saint or a sinner.

Pour the balls in a bucket and select your fate.

What will it be ? one you’ll like or one you’ll hate?

You’ve been good to others, so deserve a break,

So select a ball, let’s see the man you’ll make.

You dig deep, and think, “this is my time”,

You pull out green, number 49.

The lady in charge checks her sheet,

Then appears awkward, and stares at her feet.

I’m afraid you’ve just won a degenerative disease,

Oh no, not me God, not me God, please.

But this is your fate, you have to accept,

There’s no going back, no ones exempt.

You selected Parkinson’s, and that’s your lot,

Not a rich man you, good fortune you have not.

Maybe its punishment for past lives they can’t forgive,

Or maybe it’s the price, for rewards in lives yet to live.

Or maybe it just proves life’s a lottery,

You have no control, what will be, will be.

John Evenden

Feb 2024

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Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll

Enjoyable read. I like playing the lottery also. Did any of us "Select" PD? The last two lines sum up my take on becoming a lifelong member of the PD community. "Will be" is better than "why me?"


Martin Pickard
Martin Pickard

What will be, will be. As true as ever


Jarlath Busby
Jarlath Busby

No option John but to get on with the balls you are dealt, as it were.

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