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Let’s hold hands

let’s hold hands and walk together

talk about the birds and discuss the weather

feed the ducks and have an ice cream

sit on a bench and talk about our dreams

let’s hold hands and go dancing together

I shall wear a black dress with feathers

you shall wear your navy suit

dancing shoes on it shall be a hoot

let’s hold hands and sit on the sofa together

turn off our mobiles and watch the telly

open up the chocolates and eat the lot

then wash it all down with a cup of hot choc

let’s hold hands and smile together

shout out to the world we are happy together

show all those who said we would never last

that we are far greater than our past .

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Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
May 11, 2023

'Love is when holding hands feels like lips kissed'

Lovely Jes.


Jes Derry
Jes Derry
May 09, 2023

Thank you Alice. I hope you’re keeping wel!😃


Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll
May 07, 2023

Thank you for writing and sharing a sweet and direct poem.

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