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Laughter is the best med

Updated: Jun 12

I've just read a few of the poems

Written down on this very wall

Those that are comic, are always a tonic

They're the ones I enjoy most of all

'Cause there's nothing funny about PD

Right down to my face that's just flat

So a light hearted story ,is not one that bores me

Is there anything wrong with just that?

Poetry can be a strong medium

To express thoughts from A through to Z

I find that I write, in the middle of the night

When I can't get to sleep in my bed

The next day can't read what I've written

Getting dressed is becoming a chore

So a light hearted rhyme, can't be such a crime

There'll always be room for some more

Take my meds have a cup and look forward

To the words that you might put down

As I sit here and strain, most times it's in vain

Put a smile on my face not a frown

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Absolutely - well done


I like a bit of laughter. But then I like a bit of tragedy too. Without shade there is no light


Laughter really is the best medicine, I heartily recommend two loud guffaws and several sniggers per day , topped off with a good belly, laugh just before bed. Not forgetting a good few giggles when ever possible. more power to your pen Keith


Hear! Hear! Could not agree more. Well said.


John Wood
John Wood
Jun 06

Well said (in both senses)!

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