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Knock Knock monthly challenge june: Aubade

It was the day that knocked softly at the door. He asked politely if the night was not expecting him.Perhaps she could move a little to the side? Maybe then he too would have a place here? There was hard bargaining. It went back and forth. What was the price? How much darkness had to go to give way to the sun? Where to put all the stuff that the night had piled up so laboriously and silently, so steadily and full of energy? Where would there be room in the confines of the never-ending space? The day had offered everything: Suitcases full of hope, packages filled with strength, furniture full of courage and love carefully rolled up in the carpet. There really would be room in the smallest of places. But the night she liked to feel the narrowness, in her head, in her stomach - and all around there too! She couldn't move at all: she drowned in the sea of tears. She suffocated in a vacuum. Something held her tight. She felt the hands of darkness like shackles on her neck. To break them seemed impossible. And yet, as the day knocked so insistently - with one foot already almost inside the house.... That's when the demons' bond broke, that's when the door opened. The night turned pale with shock and understood: I have no control, the day brings what it likes.

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