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Killing on Campus

Updated: Sep 3

Locked in his room again tonight, bullied and alone,

he schemes and waits and contemplates, the seeds of vengeance sown.

He’ll get some notoriety; he’s going to have his say,

get even with his enemies by blowing them away.

He drives his pick-up into town, to buy himself a gun,

they’ve ridiculed and put him down, time to die for what they’ve done.

He puts a post on Facebook and dresses all in black,

like heroes in his virtual world, he knows he’s not coming back.

He parks outside his high school gym; he knows the targets are inside,

he has the power to make them cower and decide who lives or dies.

Shots ring out, they all fall down, as bodies hit the floor,

already dead behind those eyes, he keeps killing more and more.

He’s killing on campus, mass murder again,

He’s killing on campus, Inflicting misery, and pain.

He’s Killing on campus has he gone insane,

He’s killing on campus or is society to blame.

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