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Just For a Lark

A relapse to some juvenile rubbish, or so my wife called it. Apologies for her profanity- not sure what provoked her...

Just For A Lark


I want to write a love poem about birds 

My heartfelt admiration in words

The feathered variety, just to be clear

Nothing too weird, nothing to see here


A true masterpiece, the best ode of my life

So I seek the advice of my wife

My go to when ideas are shining most bright

She tells me if they’re sugar or shite


The subjects are a bonnie pair of Great Tits

She tells me I am losing my wits

“How about a lone Woodcock, Boobie or Thrush?”

Tersely she says, “No! Now will you shush?”


“The Satanic Goatsucker or Roughfaced Shag?”

She rolls her eyes, she spots a red flag

“A Smoky Bush Tyrant or a Horned Screamer?”

I sense a shift in her demeanour


“I’ve got it, the title is The Rare Black Chough,”

“That’s it”, she says, “I have heard enough,”

Tentatively I ask, “What rhymes with Jackdaw?”

She looks at me straight, “Feckin’ hee-haw!”


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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
13 juin

This made me laugh out loud because it reminded me of my husband so much If he wrote poetry this is what it would be like. Well done and thank you for making me smile.


Martin Pickard
Martin Pickard
02 juin

Great fun


Love it. I enclose a little avian limerick for you…..

A young ornithologist called Buck

Showed me a picture he took,

He said “it’s a very rare bird “,

I said “don’t be absurd ,

It’s not a short necked goose , it’s a duck


John Wood
John Wood
30 mai

I now know what a smoky bush-tyrant looks like and that in Scotland hee-haw means b****r all! You have to dig deep on here! Well done.

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Some educational content might be it’s only saving grace!

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