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John Smiths

Thought I had better type this song

John you have got things totally wrong

There ain't no buts or ifs

I appreciate John Smiths

Accept the facts, whether wrong or right

Your name gets used both day and night

Be proud , stand tall, and take a bow

Nobody does that for me!

I know , I know, , everyone that's sold

Ends up being kept out in the cold

But lease, yes please, stay hearty

When you arrive we party

I hope this ditty brings a smile

As it is intended to

But I have had too many of your namesakes

Got to go to the loo.....

Relieved once more, a smaller tale

I will give about an American man

Who was walking in his local airport

A business trip was planned

Meanwhile, in arrivals, a plane from Glasgow came

Full of Celtic Supporters, here fir a friendly game

And proudly bared upon their hooped shirts

Was the sponsor’s name

Our American friend could hear the words

Hail! Hail! the Celts are here! They cried

And in disbelief , upon the shirts

His name he clearly spied

Why are you all wearing my name

Said our Mr Smith

He then learnt about Celtic FC

Lisbon Lions, roaming free

He now watches them on his TVs

Every single game

When the sponsors heard that tale

They sent an invite to our man

Taking him to Glasgow, an Old Firm game to hand

Rangers were massacred by O'Neills masterplan

Cheer up. We like you

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