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It's All Black and White

Rising in the Black Gold North

Where life was hard spent the pit.

A new religion, mighty and loud

Descended down on the Park of St Jimmy

The Cat sits in his cradle

Taking in the game

Ready to act and more than able

Ronnie Simpson is his name

Aided and abetted by defenders four

Psycho Pearce and Watson on the wings

Moncur and Harvey stay strong on the inside

Securing attackers near and wide

Midfield protection with Batty and Speed

Gives the time for Beardsley’s feet

Playmaker Gazza, as cheeky as ever

Will he ever learn… probably never

Supermac claiming the coveted number 9

Sorry Mac there are others in line

The Shirt goes to Wor Jackie, of an earlier era

then it's a toss up, Stubbins, Gallagher or Shearer

For over a century, club and city are one

But who should the Manager be

Keegan the Messiah? Never Gordon Lee

My choice is Mr Newcastle,

The late Joe Harvey

Fairs Cup Final, 2-0 down

Upjest Dohza rampant, upon their home ground

Half time came the team dejected

Heads were down, a beaten team

Joe just said, what's the matter with you lot

They have given all they have got

I'm telling you now to score a goal

They will collapse, the Cup is ours

He was right, a Moncur goal was all it needed

United Rose, his words were heeded

Legend ever since surrounds their names

But without Joe they would not have succeeded

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