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It Doesn't Work That Way

I was sitting with a relative, ironically in a hospital, that I had not seen for some time. He was holding a leaflet, but all I could see was the shaking paper. I waited until he put the paper down and his hand was in constant movement, and the more I watched, the more I could see the way I had been, all those years earlier. So, I advised him to get it checked out, which he hasn't, so this is dedicated to my brother....

Looking back, through life's trials The good or bad, and not worth the while Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers You wish the best to all There are often times Not hard to find The world gets wild With no place to hide Yet, someone always appears With answers beyond their years To wipe away the tears And set you back on track When Parkinson’s raises its ugly head Some give up, and wish they were dead Others, and I can understand why Simply ignore it, their thoughts deny Using random facts, although it may be true I can't get it, I am older than you Then shake their heads, when you look at them and say For crying out loud! It doesn't work that way! What can you do when you hit a wall? When you know that it could lead to an awakening fall Parallel symptoms, easy to see Shaking an arm, the same way as me Trying, trying trying to tell Somebody close, they may not be well Watching their hands, wanting to grab bit Don't be stupid, that's just my habit Aye, right. So I must sit, ignoring the facts For there is nothing I can do Until he is ready to act But be there, when he faces the truth Of course, it is true, I may be wrong I am no doctor, that much is true All the more reason, to get himself along And get it checked out, through and through

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