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Into The Light

I wrote this for my 60th birthday, 10 years ago

Born on the last day of summer’s reign

Only two minutes of the day remained

Starting my life as winter came

But very soon the seasons changed

From autumn to winter then spring arrived

The world woke up and so did I

I was young and impatient - There was a world out there!

So keen to learn and go everywhere

It seems to me that time doesn’t fly

Just trickle slowly and I don’t know why

In the morning’s mirror it’s youth I see

In the evening an old face stares back at me

I am heading for winter slowly now

Although it seems quicker somehow

The summer haze has passed away

Sweet memories are all that remain

But reminiscences that will always stay

Born at the end of summer’s reign

Into a world never returning again

Strayed from my path but ended up right

Born as day came from the night

Out of the dark and into the light

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Jun 01, 2023

A beautiful description of life’s journey

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