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I wonder where the pills go

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

I wonder where the pills go

As I shove them down my throat

Nine a day and counting

Perhaps they go by boat

I take with lots of water

So it would make a lot of sense

To sail down my oesophagus

Fair play in their defence

It’s a fair drop to the stomach

So will the boat survive

I bet some will fall out

Never to arrive

And there’s another question

Who tells them where to go

A sat nav doesn’t work down therel

Do they just go with the flow

Down the duodenum

Gall bladder to the right

Sailing past the pancreask

Down here it’s black as night

Next the small intestine

Never seen so many bends

Navigate it safely

Is this our journeys end

The water has turned brown

And the smell is very bad

Don’t know why he eats that curry

Worst journey we’ve ever had.

But look whose here to save us

Captain blood says jump on board

I’ll take you where your going

Where your cargo will be stored

Through the veins and arteries

We thunder at a pace

Cos Jeff is relying on us

To bring the smile back to his face.

We reach the blood brain barrier

The body’s Brexit border

But how do we cross it

Without causing disorder.

(Don’t ask the politicians)

The Captain has a plan

We disguise ourselves as blood

The blood brain barrier fall for it

And in we all flood

Our final destination

The substantia nigra is in sight

Let’s all get to work then

And make this body right.

Was one hell of a journey

And some got left behind

We’ll do it all again tomorrow

Cos that’s how we’re inclined

But Jeff do us a favour

You know we’re in a hurry

Enjoy your day glad we helped

But just lay off the curry

😂😂😂 at the time I was taking 9 pills a day for my Parkinson’s and it crossed my mind “how do they know where to go

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