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I Can Be Me

Am I lost or am I found?

Do you define who I am?

Look in my eyes

Look at my soul

Look at my body

Listen to my voice

Listen to my questions

Listen to my answers

Do actions speak louder,

Than the words from my voice?

Has my role changed?

If so was it my choice?

Can my minds eye, see the periphery

In the shadows lurks a threat maybe

Chemical warfare on my identity

Collateral damage, control or free

Is my image in my heart or in my soul

Or just in my mind is that the whole?

Has my judgement gone for a stroll?

Is it a secret am I aware of my goals

What do you do? How do you address,

If I should turn up wearing a dress?

Would you judge and decide I transgress?

Would you discuss or demand re-dress?

Is variation permanent or a flash in the pan

Will it revert or can I draw up a plan

Transition a factor, ingredient of life

Progression at speed multiplies strife

Change is inevitable part of design

My personality is on a time line

Fluctuates from time to time

Not just a point, maybe past it’s prime

Love of my family ingrained as no other

Around a core of kindness to others

Don’t forget the constant is always there?

Does that define me? Is it now rare?

The story I tell is purely my own

With anecdotes that peers have shown

I do not preside over comrades situation

Walk our own path unique navigation

Compulsive, obsessive that we compare

Self determination may still be there

Even if grasping it is tricky and rare

No-one can help unless we can share

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