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I Belong

greenish grass tinged brown

soggy boggy

feet slide down

sharp poke in the back

a long thick branch

attack attack

a change of terrain

a mix of wet and dry

crispy leaves

hide the pathway to the door of green

where black cauldron like pots

hold tall dying reeds

a taught rope is home

to a solid swing

not sat upon for many years

hidden huts hold mysteries

pieces of another’s life

who I did not know

small buds pointy in shape

red pink and white

they have sprouted late

fallen trees trees too tall

nature is busy for sure

in every nook of the lawn

there is something to explore

and as I sit beside an ancient oak tree

the stillness that surrounds me

helps me to see

that finally I have found

my happy place

my home a place where I feel I belong.

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