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Humblybeing 1

You love me do it

me taking care

Being fair

Perfect mom

Gets it done

You love me to communicate


Friends inviting

Throw a party

Loud and wild and hearty

You love me looking good

Dress pretty

Smile brightly

Astonishing looks

Preserved In our photo books

You love my humblybeing

My always doing

Never resting

Endless mission

And powerfully ambition

But you hate to see me struggle

How I seem to slow down

Need to lay down

More often

Strength soften

You wish it wasn’t me

You would take it away

Make me stay

The way I was

Spend me applause

You wish you could and we know you can’t

But do me a favour

Be just a little braver

Look through all my pain

Feel the blood in my vain

You will love it when you feel it

It is still pumping

Dancing and jumping

Ready to jump with you

And go to places we never knew

I know you love me still

The humble bee might be resting

But our love needs no testing!

I will also love you forever

Simply better together

Humblybeing (2)

I will get it done

I will

I want to

I can’t let go

I hold on to

I try again


And again

Never give up

Always show up

Never tired

Never hopeless

Feeling blessed

Being humbled

Doubts crumbled.

Until I can

When I do it

I knew it.

I did it.

I got it done!

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