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Horns of Uncertainty

Updated: Nov 22

You're impaled upon the horns of uncertainty

Climbing a wall that can never be scaled,

Surfing a wave you don't want to ride

Bound by ropes that can't be untied,

Navigating a sea you have never before sailed.

Parkinsons: a multitude of symptoms,

Each an adversary you're trying to fight.

All of us different, but also the same

Shakers Utd playing the same game,

But not ninety minutes, there is no respite.

Carry on; there is no other choice.

Keep your head above water and try not to drown.

Sleep if you can, but then there's the dreams

Nightmares and panic and occasional screams.

Wake up and get up but it's getting you down.

Again! Again! Again! and Again!

Each day a challenge and so you begin.

Start the day and hope for the best

First the tedium of trying to get dressed.

On with the fight that you'll never win.

An uninvited guest who won't go away

His company something I now have to keep.

He won't kill me, but he'll stay to the end

And wearing me down, I just cannot pretend,

So into the unknown I continue to leap.

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