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History Repeating

Humanity has learned As sure as the World does turn If it has happened once before It will happen again for sure

Back in Bismarck’s time We saw the German line Marching through Belgium and on to gay Paris The French began to cry At the Treaty of Versailles Alsace-Lorraine was German land to be

To prevent another try, of German Army might The British gave to Belgium, her Empire strong Not a single foreign flag, would to Brussels go Without stirring up the wrath of the Empires fight

Alliances were made, that were meant to keep the peace Triple entente on one side Saw Britain, France and Russia act as friends

That saw an Axis form Austria-German acting as one, The European old, sick man, saw Istanbul Jump readily into the Axis line

A death in Serbia caused Axis ire But Russia gave Serbia her hand The German Kaiser saw and opened up the floor And let his war-dogs loose, to clear the land

In August of ‘14, saw the Germans march again Into Belgium, on to France, and Paris and open door The Kaiser thought the World was barmy That the ‘contemptible little Army Could stop his victory march and end the game

For four whole years , those armies fought Death and destruction was accepted by and by Until victory came in, and returned Alsace-Lorraine A second retribution Treaty of Versailles

Field-Marshall Ludendorff upon seeing the Treaty‘ This is not peace, it is a twenty year cease fire ’He was right

As Germany’ darkest hours Allowed Hitler into power Claiming back the lands that they had lost Austrians and Czechs, without a rifle shot The Poles were clearly marked A British guarantee was sent again

Like Belgium years before British warnings were ignored Years went by before our peace And all that's good became restored

Now the Russian Army might Attempt to return home a lost Ukraine All the history signs are there Let us hope the politicians actually care

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